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RMH General Surgery Team Recognized for Efficient Cancer Care

AMANDA CARVALHO, Communications and Public Affairs Officer, Ross Memorial Hospital

KAWARTHA LAKES: A cancer diagnosis is a frightening experience. For those faced with a life-altering cancer diagnosis, access to timely care is paramount. A group of Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) surgeons and their teams have, for the second year in a row, been recognized by Cancer Care Ontario as the Top Performing Hospital for Cancer Surgery Wait Times, Time from Referral to Consult. Drs. Mostafa El-Beheiry, Jamie McNabb, Joshua Greenberg and their respective Administrative Assistants Kelly Lansens, Karen Spearing and Chrissy Hudson, work collaboratively with each other and the RMH Surgical Program to meet with patients as quickly as possible after a referral. “Being seen quickly helps patients with cancer understand the next step on their care journey, during a time that can be very overwhelming,” explained Dr. Bharat Chawla, RMH Chief of Staff. “Together, we are able to provide efficient care to our community, and that’s something we’re very proud of.” The team has achieved the lowest wait times in the province from referral to consultation with a surgical oncologist within all priority categories. The categories and wait time targets include: • Priority 1 (Access Target: within 24 hours) High suspicion of cancer or biopsy positive for cancer, where patients have severe life or limb threatening symptoms • Priority 2 (Access Target: within 10 days) High suspicion of cancer or biopsy positive for cancer, where patients have high likelihood of having highly aggressive malignancies • Priority 3 (Access Target: within 21 days) Patients with high suspicion of cancer that do not meet the criteria of priority 2 or 4 • Priority 4 (Access Target: within 35 days) Patients with an intermediate level for suspicion of cancer or patients with biopsy positive cancer but with a high likelihood of indolent (inactive) malignancies Congratulations to this incredible team of surgeons and their office staff who work tirelessly to support our community in receiving fast, efficient cancer care.

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