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RMH celebrates modernized kitchen during Nutrition month

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist, Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation

The RMH Nutrition Services team is energized to be preparing patient meals in a modernized kitchen, and is exceptionally grateful for the donor support, which made extensive renovations possible.

The hospital’s kitchen was part of a $7 million expansion, which opened in 1960 and brought the hospital’s bed capacity to 139. While the hospital has grown significantly since then, the kitchen has only seen minor upgrades over the years. This is where the Nutrition Services team prepares approximately 400 inpatient meals every day.

With funding from the RMH Foundation, construction began in the kitchen one year ago. It was completed in phases to allow for continued food preparation for patients. Work involved replacing and relocating the vast exhaust hood system with a state-of-the-art system, and a new kitchen layout, to improve workflow and accommodate new work areas including a hot food preparation area. The kitchen features modern flooring and ceiling materials which are IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) approved, and a new hand-wash station.

“At the Ross, we believe food is medicine. Healthy meals help our patients gain their strength and recover from injury or illness,” said Kelly Isfan, RMH President and CEO. “People in the community may never see the hospital’s kitchen, but the work that happens there plays a big role in their care. I’m proud of our Nutrition Services team for persevering during this year of combined challenges, with both construction and COVID safety measures impacting the department at the same time. They deserve a modern kitchen space for their top-notch work.”

“Thanks to our generous community, the Foundation is able to help fund the hospital’s priority projects and improve patient care at the Ross,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Together with our donors and community partners, we will continue to build the future of local health care and grow services close to home.”

“Our team is so grateful to the Foundation for helping to fund the much-needed kitchen renovation,” said Christine Wood, Nutrition Services Manager. “Once the last phase was complete you could feel the relief. Everyone was so happy! When you walk into the department, it’s so bright and clean, providing a great working space.”

The RMH Foundation provided $1.25 million toward the almost $1.7 million cost of the kitchen project.

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