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Ride for Covid Relief – Ride4UnitedWay

ROBERT HOWARD, Chief Possibility Officer, United Way of Durham Region

DURHAM: On September 27th cyclists are invited to come to Durham Region and ride their bikes for COVID relief. The annual ride will look a great deal different than it has in the past but the idea that you can ride a bike for the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction and at the same time help to raise funds for the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery effort will be intact. When Albert Einstein wasn’t thinking about his Theory of Relativity, he took time to state, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” The full spirit embodied in that sentiment has never been more true. Equally so, it has never been more clear physical distancing and social connectedness are critical to the health of our community right now. The Ride4 in 2020 will emphasize the distancing aspects of cycling. Riders will have the opportunity to connect in purpose and cause as cyclists and community members while distanced to help those most vulnerable. All the proceeds of the ride will support the COVID Relief and Recovery effort in Durham. The priority is: support for seniors and the most vulnerable, support for those facing food precarity, support for children, and support for families in crisis. “As if we needed reminding: The COVID crisis has revealed how interconnected we all are, how the health of us all can depend on helping those most at risk and that the surest way to contribute to a return to any sort of normality or economic security is to help those most vulnerable. That is at the core of building a better and more prosperous community for all. And if anyone has ever gone for a bike ride when they’ve wondered if it was OK not to be OK, I hope they’ll keep riding. And maybe join us.” stated Robert Howard, Chief Possibility (and Bicycle) Officer, United Way of Durham Region. Whether one is an experienced and familiar cyclist, new to the pastime, or rediscovering a passion and joy they may not have experienced in many years, all are welcome to come to Durham and ride. Riders may register to ride at:

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