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Port Perry resident puts up heart signs in support of frontline workers

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Recently, signs of heart shapes have appeared on a couple Port Perry streets. The signs, placed on Paxton Street and Old Simcoe Road, were created and put up by Scugog resident Marc Gibbons. “I was hearing about various initiatives in the community, so I thought why not do something similar in our neighbourhood, and sitting on about 100 election signs from the last [municipal election], I figured they could be used for something at some point,” Mr. Gibbons explained to The Standard. The initiative is meant to “recognize the frontline workers, especially those working in healthcare here in Port Perry” according to Mr. Gibbons. “It’s really important that we recognize everyone that is working outside of the home,” he said. “As a community, we have to salute them.” Mr. Gibbons estimates he and his family put up 10 signs, and the signs took a couple of days to make and put up. “I might do some more. Hopefully, we can put up a few more,” Mr. Gibbons said. He explained what he hopes people take from seeing these signs. “Just bringing a ray of sunshine into their days,” Mr. Gibbons said. “Just something we can do to show support for our frontline workers and hopefully comfort them in some way. If it brings somebody a smile, then I’m happy and I think it’s worth it.” Since the signs were put up, Mr. Gibbons has heard a lot of positive comments from healthcare workers and local residents about them. “It’s heartwarming to see people are appreciating it,” he commented. Currently going through cancer treatments, Mr. Gibbons has seen first hand the value of the local healthcare teams. “I’m just blown away by the healthcare we have here in Port Perry,” he shared. He also believes the current situation has made the Scugog community stronger. “As bizarre as these circumstances are, I think it’s bringing people closer together,” Mr. Gibbons shared. “It’s what makes Scugog and Port Perry such a special place.”

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