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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

If you are walking in the Pontypool forest, keep your eyes open for painted rocks. So nice to see these along the trails. Little things like this help brighten up someone’s day. Why not have your kids paint some rocks with a message or just a picture. Let’s brighten up our town with painted rocks. Leave them on the steps of a friend, in the forest, or just on the side of the road. One special rock brightened up the firefighters. Someone left a painted rock with the message saying “our firefighter’s rock” and left it at the fire station. Let’s keep this going, and thanks to whoever started this.

\There have been some reports of someone going into cars and taking things. Please remember to lock your vehicles. Sadly, this is happening in our community.

A Millbrook area farmer, Peter Kennedy, rescued a red-tailed hawk with a broken wing. He took his shirt off this back and covered the hawk’s head to calm it. Peter called a friend that was a veterinarian, and she looked over the hawk. It was like the hawk knew they were helping him. It was very calm. They transported the hawk to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Thank you, Peter, for an incredible job.

Stay safe and healthy.

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