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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

The blue Dino was out shopping at the Pontypool community yard sale on Saturday. The yard sale had a good turnout, and I hope it becomes a yearly event.

It’s getting closer. Mark your calendars. Saturday, August 21st, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pontypool is having a car show at the pond, 86 Pontypool road. The entrance fee is $5 for a car and driver spectator $2 a person. Funds raised will go towards the community hall and food bank. Hot dogs and burgers will be available for purchase. DJ and live band will be on hand to entertain the crowd. For more information, call Rangco at 705-917-1505 or Perry at 705-933-0434.

Save the date, August 28th, Pontypool Nimigon park will be hosting Art in the Park. They are looking for artists, artisans and buskers. If you are interested, contact them by email at

Bethany park will host a farmers market on the second Sunday of each month from August to October.

Another great deed from a Pontypool couple. A boy was riding his scooter on John Street when he had a big wipeout, and a couple helped him by bandaging him up. It’s nice to have people like this in our community. The parents of the boy did not get the couple’s name. I hope they see this so we can thank you. I love this community!

Stay safe and healthy.

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