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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

Way to go, Pontypool community. We did it again, and we had a good haul of toys and food from the Santa Claus run. A big thank you to the Pontypool Fire Fighters, along with our Community volunteers and Church volunteers, for helping sort all the donations. Donations go to the Bethany Pontypool Daily Bread food bank. Food is sorted and put in storage for those in need in our community throughout the year. Toys are donated to families in the community in need during the holidays. All extras are sent to Lindsay to support people in need. It is so nice that the Pontypool Fire Department keeps this great Christmas tradition going over the years and helping those in at the same time. I love this community. Please also remember you can donate to the food bank all year, not just over the holidays.

In the last couple of weeks, there have been thefts and mischievous behaviour in the community. Please remember to lock vehicles and houses.

I hope you all spend time with your family during the holidays. It’s so nice to gather together with family and friends this year. It is a great time to play games, go for a drive to check out lights, bake together, watch movies and play outside. This is a time to be with family. Have a great holiday.

I am wishing for a white Christmas. I hope we wake up Christmas morning to a white Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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