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Poll: Which flyers do you want?

With recent changes in the Ontario newspaper landscape and the shuttering of dozens of Metroland Media newspapers, as well as that company's extensive flyer distribution network, there is an opportunity for The Standard to increase the amount of flyers we distribute in our newspaper.

This is where you, our loyal readership come in. Our team wants to hear from you about which flyers you would like to see in future editions of our newspaper.

Please vote in the poll below to help guide our team as we make some exciting changes and grow our distribution network in the coming days, weeks and months. Select as many as you would like.

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Which flyers would you like to see in future editions of The Standard?

  • Canadian Tire

  • Independent

  • Food Basics

  • No Frills

You can vote for more than one answer.

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Heather W
Heather W
Sep 30, 2023

I would love to see your newspaper delivered to Pleasant Point area. Thank you for stepping up to fill the gap as a result of the closing of local newspapers!

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