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Autumn is beautiful, and there are many shrubs and perennials which will continue to bloom until after frost. Look to garden centres for their variety of mums and autumn planters to spruce up your front entry. Some great deals on nursery stock may also tempt you. Autumn gardening season has us cleaning up the spent annuals and trimming back the perennials in preparation for the winter months. Remember to leave seed heads as winter food for birds to feast on and leaves in the garden as extra insulation for plants and hibernating pollinators. I often leave the gardens till spring and find the extra work physically difficult after a winter of little activity. I have decided I should do half the garden prep in the autumn while I’m in good shape and putter along in the spring to avoid early-season injuries.

The cooler nights this past week had us scrambling to cover tender hanging plants and a reminder to bring in those beloved houseplants which have flourished outdoors during the summer months. At the same time, I had stumbled across my amaryllis plants and remembered I needed to bring them in to start the dormancy stage by allowing the leaves to dry and, once yellowed, to cut them off and place them in a cool, dark place with temps 12-15c for approximately eight to ten weeks. Once the rest period is over, move the amaryllis to a warm sunny spot and water thoroughly. Then only keep the potting mix barely moist. Fingers crossed, I look forward to them hopefully blooming for the New Year.

We enjoyed Diane Taits’ presentation, during the September meeting, on Medicinal Plants and their helpful uses in everyday life. The Autumn Flower and Vegetable Show was well attended and had the show tables filled with summer bounty. Ann Julia Bajema received the Best in Show, ‘Horticultural Division’ and Helen Nicolaou won Best in Design for her ‘Bountiful’ entry.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 4th, at 7:30 p.m. We will be holding our Dessert Night Fundraiser. Members will be bringing an assortment of their favourite homemade pies, squares, cakes or cookies. There will also be some gluten-free baked items. So it will be a delicious evening of baked goodies. Members bring your better half, friends and guests are always welcome to join us. We will have two speakers this evening, Ginny Colling speaking on Climate and also Debra Pearson speaking on Gardening in Difficult Times.

Just a reminder that 2023 memberships are due at the October meeting. Only paid members will allow you to register for the November Holiday workshop.

Visit us at to find out more information on becoming a member.

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