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Parks in Uxbridge reopened as part of stage 3

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The playground equipment at Uxbridge’s Elgin Park and other parks in the surrounding area have been open since Friday, July 24th. Director of Community Services for the Township of Uxbridge, Amanda Ferraro said, the playground is free to use, but at people’s own risk. “It’s important for the kids to get outside and play,” said Ms. Ferraro. “We want the kids to safely use the playground equipment.” She explained that, with being under quarantine for about two months without being able to go to the playground has been hard for multiple children in the area. Hunter Jarvis Parks and Recreation Coordinator for the township of Uxbridge added that reopening playgrounds will allow both children and their families to be active and spend time outdoors. “We encourage users to educate themselves before use on the appropriate health and safety measures,” shared Ms. Jarvis, explaining the importance of preventing further spread of the Covid-19 virus. She stated that the Township of Uxbridge will follow provincial and recreational safety guidelines and procedures to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. These specific guidelines will be followed during the following Stage 3 of reopening. “As long as it’s done safely and responsibly,” she said. “We hope families and children enjoy and take advantage of the reopening of [the] playground.” Ms. Ferraro mentioned there is also fitness equipment available for use at the park. A few signs have also been posted around Elgin Park, detailing social distancing measures and other precautions residents, or anyone using the park are expected to take, while using any of the equipment. The signs say the playground equipment is not sanitized and should be used at participant’s own risk. There is also a list of safe practices included on the signage, telling users to maintain a distance of six feet or more while playing. Parents are also responsible for making sure their children are staying physically distanced from one another. The township will not sanitize the equipment before or after use. Ms. Ferraro also mentioned that the washrooms in Elgin Park are open now and are cleaned daily. The facility is to be used at residents and park user’s own risk, and people are expected to maintain social distancing while using the facility. Hours for the park remain the same. The park is open from dawn until dusk.

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