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Ontario helping to deliver agri-food literacy tools for students

Ontario’s government is giving teachers and students the tools to learn about the agri-food sector. Today, Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, announced that Ontario is helping youth learn about the agri-food sector and encouraging them to pursue exciting agriculture careers. Over the next year, Ontario will provide up to $400,000 to AgScape, an organization that delivers curriculum-linked learning materials and programming in classrooms across the province. Students will learn about food production, the links between food, farming and health, and how to get involved and build a successful career in the agri-food industry. “When students learn the ABCs of the agri-food industry, they’ll quickly realize that it’s so much more than cows and plows – it’s a driving force for innovation and economic growth in our province,” said Minister Hardeman. “Giving teachers and students the tools to learn about agri-food will help shape our next generation of leaders and achievers. With our government’s investment in AgScape, we can be assured that our future is in good hands as Ontario’s agriculture sector competes on the world stage.” “Teaching kids about how food is grown and produced will help inspire more youth to enter the fast-growing agriculture sector and attain good-paying jobs,” said Stephen Lecce, Ontario Minister of Education. “We are proud to be working in Ontario schools to help support government priorities by increasing public engagement and understanding of Ontario agriculture and food products. We are grateful for OMAFRA’s (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs) ongoing support to help build our capacity and connect more Ontario students to the thriving world of agriculture and food each year. Through this project, more students will be curious, conscious and will think critically as they explore their food choices and careers in the industry,” said Glenna Banda, Executive Director, AgScape. Through the government’s support this year, AgScape will expand its Teacher Ambassador Program, deliver its Agri-Trekking Across Ontario interactive game, host learning events such as Agri-Career Competitions and develop curriculum-linked learning resources.

AgScape programs and learning resources help elementary and secondary students learn more about: • Careers in the agri-food sector • Local food and healthy eating • Food technology and production methods • Food security and safety • Farm technologies, innovations and biotechnology • Agricultural environmental initiatives

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