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Ontario Big Year


North Durham Nature Club

NORTH DURHAM: Remember the movie “The Big Year” starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, where three keen birders were competing furiously to find the most bird species in North America in one year? In 2021 Geoff Carpentier was engaged on a similar mission, but he confined his wanderings to Ontario.

What started as an adventure to help a friend build a year list turned into a serious quest when he began racking up so many species. In the end, Geoff tied the second-highest list ever recorded for the province. Find out about some of the quirky adventures, challenges, near misses, and amazing bird finds that made 2021 a very special year for Geoff.

The North Durham Nature Club is hosting the ‘Ontario Big Year with Geoff Carpentier’ webinar on Tuesday, May 24th at 7 p.m. To participate in this informative webinar, simply become a member of North Durham Nature at As a member, you will automatically be sent a link.

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