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Oak Ridges Hospice reaches pre-construction milestones

Port Perry, ON: It’s been a busy summer for Oak Ridges Hospice (ORH) as they reach milestones in the pre-construction planning that will move the project closer to bringing a residential hospice home to north Durham.

At the municipal level, the Township of Scugog has received the site plan submission which will be reviewed to ensure Township requirements are met before construction begins.

“Scugog Township is proud to support Oak Ridges Hospice and their vision to bring compassionate end-of-life care to residents of north Durham and beyond. Our long-standing commitment to the hospice project continues as they work through their site plan submission. We look forward to seeing the project move forward as soon as possible,” stated Mayor Drew.

This fall, Oak Ridges Hospice will provide a 60% Technical Submission report to the Ministry of Health (MOH). This is the fourth of five reports required by the Ministry that details the status of planning and design. Projects that receive approval from the MOH may qualify for a percentage of funding towards their estimated construction costs providing conditions and criteria are met.

The majority of the construction costs must come from donations and grants, and the “Building for Compassionate Care” Capital Campaign for Oak Ridges Hospice has a goal of more than $6.6 million dollars. To date, $4.9 million dollars have been raised thanks to the support of two major donors, Kevin Morgan and Dave Sidhu, and the generosity of supportive communities throughout all of Durham Region.

“We are excited about our progress and future and so grateful for the support we’ve received from the Township of Scugog, and our north Durham communities” says Trish Thompson, Project Manager, Construction at Oak Ridges Hospice. “We look forward to continuing our work with the Central East LHIN and the Ministry of Health to complete our vision of building a residential hospice that serves the palliative needs of people in north Durham and throughout the entire Region.”

Photo courtesy of Durham Region News.

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