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Nourish and Develop Foundation bringing mobile indoor market to Manilla Hall


BROCK: There will be an expanded option to connect the community with locally sourced produce throughout the winter following council’s recent approval for the Nourish and Develop Foundation (TNDF) to operate an indoor mobile food market at the Manilla Hall until April 2024.

According to a report, since its launch in August 2021, TNDF has been successfully operating an outdoor market at Manilla Hall during the spring and summer months. This latest development will allow for increased opportunities to connect the community with locally-sourced produce when the temperature turns colder.

The proposal from TNDF called for the market to run every two weeks, from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. The market has been operating on Wednesday during the spring and summer, but the foundation has expressed that they would be willing to adjust their schedule depending on existing or potential hall rentals.

The mobile food market has been an innovative local solution to rural food deserts (areas with limited or no access to grocery stores) and food insecurity. All are welcome to shop at the market and explore the selection of affordable, local fruits and vegetables.

For more information of the Nourish and Development Foundation and its programs, please visit

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