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North Durham Nature Club presents four great deserts

Join Mark Dorriesfield on March 23rd as he hosts a webinar exploring the Great Basin, Mojave, and Sonoran Deserts. Deserts may be harsh, dry, unforgiving places, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing for a naturalist to find there! From cacti to Joshua Trees, thrashers to roadrunners, rattlesnakes to Gila Monsters, these environments are home to some amazing plants and animals adapted to thrive under these difficult conditions.

Mark will take us through three of North America’s four major deserts, describing the different habitats and their wildlife. Mark Dorriesfield is a biologist who has conducted avian fieldwork throughout North America over the past nine years. He is particularly fond of the American Southwest, having spent five of those seasons working and exploring Nevada and Arizona. Please register by e-mail at if you are interested in attending.

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