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The Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes announced the launch of a new Fund, on Monday, May 17th. The newly established Fund is intended to support short and long-term fundraising efforts for many local Horticultural Society programs and projects in the disciplines of Beautification, Education, Youth, Community, Environmental Preservation & Restoration. Most recently, this avid group of horticulturalists has worked with the Fenelon Falls Chamber of Commerce, Trent-Severn Waterway, Kawartha Conservation, Langton Public School, Fenelon Falls High School, City of Kawartha Lakes, Maryboro Museum, and The Grove Theatre, to create beautiful and practical spaces to better enjoy the natural beauty in the community. The pandemic restrictions imposed over the last year has not dampened the spirits of the well organized group of volunteers. Quite the contrary, it has spurred them to reinvent and innovate the ways they do their work. This year, Zoom meetings became the norm, welcoming a greater number of participants to their regular news sharing and information gathering sessions. In 2021, the Horticultural Society has joined the Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes, with the ambitious goal of maximizing their philanthropic impact, while minimizing the administrative burden of raising money, creating legacies and ensuring long term growth and stability. [Submitted Photo: In 2019, Volunteers prepare to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society]

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