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New Beaverton development to bring supportive housing to North Durham

DURHAM: In support of Durham Region’s housing plan, At Home In Durham, a new modular housing development is coming to Beaverton, to provide approximately 50 supportive housing units, and offer needed community services to North Durham. This development is not a shelter for people experiencing homelessness, it is an apartment building that will offer full-time tenancy for Durham residents who qualify for this type of housing, while offering wrap-around services to set them up for success. The supportive housing building will be located at 133 Main Street, in Beaverton, beside Lakeview Manor long-term care home. This surplus land, already owned by the Region of Durham, was identified as a candidate site for affordable housing development in 2018. Preliminary studies have been completed and the site is appropriately zoned, making this location an excellent candidate for an expedited development project. To expedite the development process, the Region is pursuing a modular construction technique which has seen significant success in western Canada and is growing in popularity in Ontario. Units are designed for single, bachelor-style living only (including seniors). The development will include approximately 50 units. The final number of units will depend on factors such as unit sizes and amenity space, subject to design. Supportive housing provides a stepping stone; paving the foundation for residents to live with dignity and pursue a future with opportunities previously out of reach. With on-site access to wrap-around services that promote life stabilization, this proven model, supported by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness will set residents up for success. Wrap-around services include: On-site meals in a dining hall, Mental health and addictions support, Medical care, Financial assistance, such as: Ontario Works, ODSP and/or other financial benefits, Rental and tenant support, Life skills teaching/counselling, and Employment services. This supportive housing development in Beaverton will offer a calm, rural setting for residents looking for not only a home, but also a place to feel secure, supported and to be part of a community. This development also provides an opportunity for clients currently located in the north, to stay in the community they already call home. “Supportive housing sets people up for success and is very different from a shelter. With on-site meals, counselling, and medical services, residents of Brock’s new supportive housing unit will have the opportunity to improve their life circumstances in a healthy community environment. Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.” explained Stella Danos-Papaconstantinou, Commissioner of Social Services. In addition, this location will provide space for needed community resources to serve all residents in North Durham: services such as counselling and mental health resources, medical services and social services. The Region will be inviting the community to provide input, on all the services that will be on site, during a community engagement session this fall. The goal of this supportive housing project is to improve the overall quality of life for unsheltered residents, or residents at risk of homelessness who require on-site supports to maintain their housing. Life circumstances, such as family breakdown, abuse, job loss, addictions or mental health challenges, can result in crisis, leaving members of our community without needed support and a safe place to call home. To help address the urgent needs of unsheltered residents in Durham Region, this project was proposed as part of the Expedited Supportive Housing Report, and approved, by Regional Council for expedited development, on July 29th, 2020. It supports At Home In Durham, a comprehensive plan to end homelessness across Durham Region, through the creation of: at least 1,000 new affordable rental housing units, supportive housing developments and the revitalization of social housing all by 2024. “There is an urgent need for affordable and supportive housing in Durham Region. By utilizing the land next to Lakeview Manor in Beaverton; land that is owned and serviced by the Region of Durham. This location offers the opportunity to: identify cost savings through shared resources, expedite the development process by several years, and bring much needed services to the north Durham community.” stated Susan Siopis, Commissioner of Works. To learn more about this project and supportive housing needs in Durham Region, visit

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