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Never say “I can’t.”

Fear can be a great motivator or a great inhibitor. The two words I want you to remove from your life are, “I can’t”. In the course of my career, I’ve probably heard it twenty thousand times. The words you tell yourself have great influence. Change your inner dialogue and change your attitude. “I can’t” means “I choose not to try.” People who choose not to try most likely can accomplish a task if they simply made the effort. Why do people refuse to try? These individuals are most likely afraid of looking foolish. Society has influenced us to think somehow we are supposed to try once and be the best! People would rather not attempt something they are bad at because it makes them look silly. God forbid we should be bad at something! My response is, “We were all beginners once.” Even the best of the best were probably bad at one point. If someone like Serena Williams said, “I can’t hit the ball.” How on earth would she have risen to be the best in the world? I’m not saying we all need to be professional athletes. Let’s scale it back to even simple tasks such as taking up a new instrument. If I picked up a guitar right now, I’d be terrible. That doesn’t discourage me or hinder my desire to learn it. Odds are I can learn it if I keep trying. “I will try” is the phrase I use when I’m trying something new. Face a new challenge with the attitude that you can succeed if you have the will to try. I heard this phrase once and I love it, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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