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Movement for life - Lauren Walker

I have a problem with labels. We associate "skinny" with the ideal body shape. We associate "fat" with unhealthy. This topic was brought about when a lady at the gym casually remarked, "You're looking skinny!" While I appreciated what she meant, I joked, "I've never been called skinny in my life. It's definitely not what I'm striving for. I feel good, though." Being an athletic and pretty muscular woman, I strive to feel good by eating well and exercising. Being healthy is the goal and something you can achieve.

I've noticed something interesting over the years. The women who outwardly appear to have the ideal body shape are often lacking in self-confidence. "Skinny" doesn't mean healthy, and "fat" doesn't mean unhealthy. Measure who you are by your character, not your clothing size. Stop looking at yourself in terms of "skinny" or "fat." Is your current body shape helping or hurting you? If you feel poorly and lack energy, then you may need to consider some changes.

Self-love means taking care of the body, you're given. Eating well and exercising is a simple way of showing yourself some love. Women are so hard on themselves and expect a "perfect" life when they reach their "perfect" size. There is no such thing! You have to let go of achieving superficial success and find ways to feed your soul. Engage in activities which make you happy and nurture a positive attitude. You deserve that much!

We are only given one body. Instead of being so hard on yourself, embrace what you have. Make time to treat it with kindness. Health is possible when you love yourself from the inside out.

Love yourself always.

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