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Movement for Life

My mom taught me how to lift weights safely when I started as a twelve-year-old. Being I was an active kid, strength training complimented my other sports. Developing strength is good for kids, but how do we do it safely?

Recently I read an article in the Toronto Star called “Raising the bar.” It features a nine-year-old female weight lifter. She set a record by lifting double her body weight. My first thought was, “should a nine-year-old be lifting that much ?” Let’s look at some practical information.

I believe the right exercise program is a great way to complement high-impact sports. The issue here is how much a child should be lifting. Let’s look at common sense. I wouldn’t suggest lifting excessive weight all the time to anyone. When we put so much force through a developing body, the problem is their bones and joints may be unable to accommodate it. This can increase the rate of injury.

Let’s remember that nutrition is 99 percent of this equation. A child cannot develop strength if they have poor eating habits. A car can look really good on the outside. It'll fall apart if you’re not taking care of what keeps it running.

We have to consider the developmental stage of your child. Strength can be gained over time as the body changes and develops. The exercise program needs to be complimentary to their ever-changing body. Whatever sport your child plays, remember that strength training can help. It can stimulate proper bone and muscle development. We can certainly raise the bar as long as we do it properly.

All Fit All Ages Gym is located in the Food Basics plaza. Please call 289-356-2140 for more info.

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