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Louie Mohammad looking to be a voice for Scugog Ward 5 residents

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

SCUGOG: Louie Mohammad is looking to bring some new ideas to the Scugog council, if elected the Ward 5 Councillor.

“I decided to run for council because I believe all Port Perry residents should have the ability and option to live, work and play in our beautiful Town. As a resident and young entrepreneur, I hope to bring my enthusiasm and hard work to the Township Council. I want to make the Town a place to live, work and play,” Mr. Mohammad told The Standard.

Mr. Mohammad is the owner of Louie’s Café and Dessert, on Water Street in Port Perry. When asked what issues he hopes to tackle, if elected as the councillor, he listed moving the Township’s waterfront revitalization plan forward, as well as expanding recreational options in the township “while maintaining accessibility for all, supporting youth extracurricular activities and promoting small business growth.”

“As a small business owner, in the Heart of the Township of Scugog: Ward 5, I understand how crucial it is to support small businesses and promote youth engagement and activities within the Town. I value and respect the diverse cultures in the Town and aim to learn from others. I believe that listening can be more powerful than speaking. I will communicate, collaborate and step up to address challenges, working for an equitable and prosperous Port Perry for all,” Mr. Mohammad explained.

The qualities he feels he can bring to the job are being “approachable, accountable and transparent,” and he stated he is “an environmental advocate; working to ensure the preservation and protection of our beautiful waterfront, parks and natural lands located within the township.”

The municipal election will be held on Monday, October 24th.

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