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Living With Vertigo: Finding Your Balance Part 2

It took a few weeks but I’m glad to say my vertigo is over and I am feeling better. What they don’t tell you about it is, the after affects, because your body is trying to readjust to normalcy. With a bit of patience and making the effort to get my healthy habits in order the symptoms went away. Movement can be difficult when you lack the energy and the balance to do so. Getting back to doing functional things around the house was a big step in the right direction. Honestly, I felt more safe being at home and getting back into the swing of things. I started off moving around in small doses. For example I would clean the house for an hour and then needed to rest. I do suggest resting frequently, because my energy was definitely lacking. I gradually tried to get up and move around as much as I could. Unfortunately getting back to my regular exercise routine is slow going. It takes time for your body to readjust and you can’t expect to do what you did before. I make a daily effort to get on my spin bike and pedal for half an hour. Even on the rough days, I did try to pedal as much as I could. If you have vertigo, then you’ll understand how hard it can be to get back to normal activities. Alas, it is important that you try. I suggest doing it in small doses. It’s like you’re finally off that swaying ship and getting adjusted to land. It takes time for the feeling to pass but it does. Here’s to being on land!

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