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Living Nativity returns to Uxbridge this December


UXBRIDGE: After a four-year hiatus, the Uxbridge Baptist Church will be bringing back one of Uxbridge's most popular holiday traditions this year, the Living Nativity.

At their meeting on Monday, September 9th, Councillors unanimously approved a request from the Baptist Church to host the event in Centennial Park, on December 15th, 16th and 17th. The church will utilize the park from December 9th through 19th, to set up and take down the set.

In their letter, the Living Nativity Committee explained, "even though our bi-annual event feels like a new start," they praised their many partners from the community, including the township, local businesses and other churches producing "an important part of the Christmas celebration, for many families from Uxbridge and the surrounding area."

Regional Councillor Bruce Garrod spoke glowingly about the event, highlighting all of the hard work of its volunteers to produce the display.

"I absolutely love this event," commented Councillor Garrod. "It's a fantastic thing. The amount of work which goes into it, from the Baptist Church and Brian Evans, in particular, is phenomenal. I fully support this request."

Mayor Dave Barton also spoke highly of the event, noting, he has participated in the production numerous times, praising its downtown Uxbridge location in Centennial Park.

"This is always a great event, and I love that it's in Centennial Park; [it] is the perfect location," added Mayor Barton.

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