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Letter to the editor – Vaccinations

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In answer to the gentlemen and his reaction to the kids enjoying themselves at the playground in Uxbridge. Sadly, he seemed totally naive and uninformed. As long as our immune system is OK we don’t have anything to worry about, including Covid 19 or the flu. Our immune system is created when we’re very young and gets continues being upgraded until we die. Children should play in the dirt, pull a carrot out of the soil and eat it. They shouldn’t wash their hands every few minutes or use disinfectant. I don’t believe any child should ever wear a mask. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) and Dr. Fausti have said that a mask will probably not protect anyone. Is anyone listening? It even has now turned in to a new mask fashion. Maybe Bill Gates was right when he said we have too many people on this Earth. The vaccinations will change that for sure. People with a healthy immune system don’t need to fear Covet 19. We need to be frightened of vaccines and the suppression of the truth by our media, nothing else. If you feel better wearing a mask, do so. Don’t believe me, do your own research.

Heinz Nitschke, Uxbridge


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