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Letter to the Editor – Jan 21st, 2020

Dear Editor

The holiday season has come and gone happily once again for the clients of Operation Scugog. The challenges of this difficult time indeed necessitated new plans to cope with health and safety standards amidst the pandemic.

Individuals in Scugog, businesses, and groups have stepped up and heroically met with the guidelines established by Operation Scugog for this Christmas Campaign! So many have generously contributed food, money and gift cards which were then distributed to 165 of our clients – our youth, single adults, seniors, and families. These are our neighbours living among us.

This holiday season DID IN FACT arrive in Scugog to support the businesses within the township. A shout out to the determination of all as we continue to stand up to this difficult time, masks and all! We are so fortunate to live in such a giving community! Yours sincerely,

Karen Teed and the Operation Scugog Christmas Committee and volunteers

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