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Letter to the editor: Dog option in restaurants

Dear Editor

I do not approve of dogs in restaurants, nor in any public venue. Having a dog is a personal choice which, like noisy motorcycles, should not be permitted to intrude into another person’s space. The presumption that most people like having dogs underfoot, is manifestly false. People have a wide variety of pets, from hamsters to cats; but they are not paraded around in restaurants, so why dogs? Personally, I do not favour keeping pets, of any kind. I would prefer that we change our environments so that wild animals; birds, mammals, and insects live close to us without being harassed by our pets. Watching, and looking after, our wildlife is much more worthwhile that taking a dog to a restaurant where it invariable snuffles about, getting snacks, and growling at other canines. I never go to places that are ‘pet friendly’. I hope I do not have to put some good restaurants on that list.

Peter Weygang Bobcaygeon

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