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Letter To the editor: Congratulations to Scugog!

Congratulations to Scugog!

The local health unit has done a great job at the inoculation center.

I arrived at the arena/community centre at the appointed time for my covid inoculation. I was greeted pleasantly and proceeded to two information centers, with health card at the ready.

After brief consultations, I entered the large hall and was directed to a nurses’ station. She administered the vaccine, with no sensation at all, then onto the area for “recovery” time – all chairs spaced apart the required amount. The next move was to get registered and given a follow-up date and time for the booster or second half of the vaccine. I was in and out in less than half an hour.

Proficient, professional, friendly – all easy peasy. Well done, Scugog!

D. Burt, Senior Resident.

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