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Letter to the editor – bakersville

Downtown and Virtual This Year! Bakersville, The Animated Gingerbread Village, and a Port Perry tradition for the last 25 years is again going virtual, but new this year will also be a small display available for viewing in the downtown core!

Normally, every December, our volunteer committee members assemble a miniature winter wonderland with gingerbread creations made by the community. This is usually displayed in the Kent Farndale Gallery at the Scugog Library. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for the village to be displayed in the gallery this year, again due to the pandemic.

When planning for this event, provincial restrictions were still in place, and we were unsure what the future would look like, so it was decided to remain virtual. And, although the gallery is now open for a photograph exhibit, the large number of people the village attracts would test the pandemic restriction guidelines. Hopefully, we will be back in the library next year with this very popular community holiday event.

If you wish to create an entry, or entries, for the virtual village, you can post photos of your creation(s) on our Facebook site: Bakersville: Animated Gingerbread Village. There is no deadline or size limit. Just take two or three photos with different views and post them, along with a description, onto our Facebook page.

Over the years, we’ve heard some funny stories about near catastrophes in the kitchen, so small anecdotes about the process are also welcome. Don’t forget to add a title to your creation(s). The site is available for everyone to access and enjoy. Tell your friends.

New this year, because of popular demand; we will also have gingerbread creations displayed in some downtown store windows. Space is very limited, so although entry is free, all window creations need to be pre-registered, via email, to Tracy, at, prior to the drop-off weekend of November 20th and 21st.

The window displays will run from November 23rd until early January. Any creations from last year, if deemed durable enough, are also welcome.

Please remember, store window entries need to be reinforced with glue (hot glue gun works well) or traditional gingerbread icing (cake icing will not last). Sometimes cardboard is needed on the inside for extra support. There can be no chocolate decorations as the sun’s heat is intense and any chocolate will melt.

There is nothing quite like the experience of building a gingerbread house from scratch and decorating it with your own ideas. We strongly encourage this as it is a great lost art. There are many sites online which offer help and suggestions.

Here is food for thought; maybe keep in mind, Port Perry is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing what everyone creates this year!

The Animated Bakersville Gingerbread Committee Port Perry

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