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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Today [Tuesday, May 18th] I took my one-year-old grandson out to play in my front yard. The dandelion seedlings were flying so thick he had difficulty breathing.

I don’t have any problem wearing a mask to protect myself and others against Covid but not to sit in my front yard and protect myself from the dandelion seeds.

We have a lot of older senior citizens in this neighbourhood who will now have to pull out the dandelions when they grow where they dropped.

I realize dandelions are just a part of summer, but not if they are permitted to grow rampant on the boulevard that should be maintained by Geranium Homes. All that needed to be done is for the boulevard to be kept cut short and not allow the dandelions to go to seed. This is not the way to be a good corporate neighbour.

Please help keep our weeds under control and our air clean.

Thank you, Debra Port Perry

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