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Letter to the editor

The article [‘Vehicle maintenance tasks drivers don’t want to overlook,’ in The Standard’s October 14th edition] was very informative, but one part struck me as unrealistic and potentially environmentally harmful.

The writer speaks about windshield wiper replacement. They correctly state that poorly functioning wipers can create a risk, due to improper cleaning in poor weather conditions. I don’t suggest we should ignore our wipers, yet to expect us to replace them every six to twelve months, simply because time has passed, especially if they are functioning properly, is not realistic.

The resources to manufacture these wipers carry a damaging risk to the environment. Fossil fuels are used in their manufacture and transport. We all know the risk to the environment that creates, increasing the load of greenhouse gases which impact climate change. Certainly, one should monitor their windshield wiper condition but only replace them when necessary, not on a fixed and somewhat arbitrary schedule. Our throw-away society is largely responsible for where we are now in our battle to address climate change.

Geoff Carpentier, Port Perry

Thank You Geoff, for your added insight. The Standard News Team.

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