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Letter to the Editor

Beginning with letters to the editor of three local Uxbridge newspapers in 2017, one of which landed on the desk of Colleen Green of The Standard News, Maamawi Collective has been a portal through which non-Indigenous people can find information and connections to Inform & Inspire Actions Towards Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples on this land now know as Canada.

Volunteer members of the “collective” feel honoured to have the trust of many Original Peoples Of This Land creating culturally appropriate public events and lasting individual partnerships.

The “collective” has been without a coordinator since July 2022, so our Administration Circle Members are so happy to welcome A New Coordinator who will take the “collective lead”. Kaitlyn Watson (PhD) will be taking on the role following her participation as a Circle Member since 2019.

Please follow us on Facebook @Maamawi Collective to see future announcements as Maamawi Collective begins “a new chapter”. It has been my privilege to work alongside our dedicated Administrative Circle Members.

Barbara Blower,

Formerly resident of Uxbridge

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