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Lakeside Fun in Scugog... Coming Soon in December

SCUGOG: This winter, the Township of Scugog will be introducing a brand new skating area and market. The market will be located at the Joe Fowler north baseball diamond.

The area will provide the community with a free skating experience for people of all ages, and with many vendors to try out.

Vendors applications are still being accepted, so the Township has not confirmed many vendors for the skate and market.

Participating vendors may include a “hat and mitten lady” along with a few possible food-related vendors.

According to the director of community services and communications from the Township of Scugog, Lori Bowers, the vendors will likely be available most weekends. However, that has yet to be decided.

You can find vendors applications on the Township of Scugog website at

Vendor applications are due on Friday, Dec. 1st

According to Ms. Bowers, staff at the Township hopes to open this Market starting on Dec. 9th.

“We have some operational things that still need to be ironed out, but we are hopeful that we can have everything open by December 9th,” she said.

The ice rink will likely be open 7 days a week, starting at 10 am until 10 pm. However, Ms. Bowers said staff at the Township are still deciding. “[the ice rink] is not going to be a structured staff setting, it’s going to be a ‘use whenever you’d like’ situation,” she explained.

If there has been a bit of snow one morning on the rink, shovels will be available for families to “self-serve” and clean-up the snow. However, the Township will also make sure to maintain the ice, especially if there is a large accumulation of snow.

Funding for the lakefront skate and market was provided for the federal government.

“The Township is always looking at opportunities to support tourism in our community especially with the tourism sector still on the road to recovery,” said Township of Scugog, Mayor Wilma Wotten. “We are thankful to the Government of Canada for their support of Scugog Tourism to extend the tourism season throughout the winter.”

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