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Kawartha Lakes firefighter awarded a bravery medal

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: A Kawartha Lakes volunteer firefighter was among several police officers and firefighters to be honoured for bravery, on Thursday, June 22nd.

The ceremony involved the provincial government awarding 21 police officers and 13 firefighters with the Ontario Medal for Police Bravery and the Ontario Medal for Firefighter Bravery. Volunteer Firefighter, Robyn Judd was one of the recipients of the firefighter bravery medal.

“On August 31st, 2021, Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service responded swiftly to a distress call, reporting a 12-year-old child trapped in the exhaust tunnel of the generator station, at Elliot Falls, Norland. Volunteer Firefighter, Robyn Judd, a Level 3 water rescue professional, fearlessly navigated the treacherous waters to reach the stranded child. With a safety rope attached, she skilfully made her way through the tunnel and threw a bag to the child, who was pulled to safety. This courageous act exemplifies Volunteer Firefighter Judd’s selflessness and unwavering commitment to saving lives,” an Ontario government press release stated.

In a statement, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, Elizabeth Dowdeswell explained the impact these awards can have.

“In accepting these medals, I hope these brave men and women will re-commit themselves to serving the public with integrity, knowing their accomplishments will help motivate a new generation of Ontarians to join their ranks, looking to follow their example.”

The provincial government has awarded 260 Ontario Medals for Firefighter Bravery to recipients, since 1976.

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