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Illuminate Port Perry at the Kent Farndale Gallery


SCUGOG: Get ready to see your town illuminated by a local artist. Kelsey McKitterick, is showcasing her artwork at the Kent Farndale Gallery, in the Scugog Memorial Public Library. You can check out her artwork until October 26th.

Trying to capture what people see during their everyday lives is her favourite thing about painting, Ms. McKitterick said.

She has been painting for a “long time.” In 2003, she started studying Fine Arts at the Queen’s University, in Kingston.

Oil paints have become Ms. McKitterick’s main paint of choice. she has dabbled in other art mediums, this includes sculpting, oil pastels and print making.

“I always go back to oil painting,” she said. “It’s my favourite, and I feel like it’s just such a beautiful and dynamic medium. I’m always learning new things with every painting.”

“I love to paint local places around me,” explained Ms. McKitterick. “When I lived in Kingston, for university, I painted local scenes in Kingston. When I lived in Toronto, I painted local scenes in Toronto. Now that I live in Port Perry, [it’s] my muse!”

She paints the places people walk by “every day” and hopes to capture how others view them. Her favourite time to paint is during the evening and she usually works from her home-studio.

When she is not painting, Ms. McKitterick is working for the Kraft Heinz Company, as their marketing brand manager. Although her day-to-day job keeps her busy, she said she still loves to paint whenever she has spare time.

Ms. McKitterick expressed her gratitude to the Scugog Council for the Arts; the Scugog Memorial Public Library staff, for helping her organize the show; and she thanks the community and all who attended and viewed her artwork.

To see more of Ms. McKitterick’s artwork check out her website, at

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