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How music helped heal me

Dear Diary

I am sure by now that most of my readers know about some of the struggles I have been through, namely losing my mom to cancer back in 2010. I have learned that even though the challenges I face may be hard, I do not have to let them break me, or let myself be defined by these challenges.

I am a big believer in self-love and self-care, as well as healing. For me personally, when I am going through tough times, I like to do activities that not only distract me, but also help me heal at the same time. For me, that was always music.

Music has been a huge part of my life for fifteen years. I started studying piano when I was five, and it quickly became a pastime I loved. I always looked forward to my weekly lessons after school and my annual summer recitals. But when I lost my mom, music became so much more for me. I started playing a lot more. When I felt sad and missed my mom, I would turn to music.

When I would sit down to play the piano I felt at peace. It took me years to figure out why it made me feel so at ease. But I think I finally figured it out. To me, grief comes from love, love that no longer has a place to go. But when I play the piano, even to this day, it gives me a place to put my love.

Playing the piano gave me feelings of accomplishment, like I could do anything I set my mind to. To this day, music and the piano still do this for me. It is truly amazing how just an instrument could make me feel so happy and powerful! Playing the piano makes me think of my mom and all of the memories we shared. I can still remember seeing the look of pride and love on her face after I played my piece at my summer recital. I can still feel her with me, and I know she would be even more proud of me now.

Music will forever be my saviour and hero.

Yours truly

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