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How Do You Celebrate #SnowTimesInScugog?

SCUGOG: Get ready to celebrate Snow times in Scugog on social media. Although the contest started after the holiday season, there’s still time to enter. The contest will end in early March.

To enter the contest, please submit your winter holiday-themed photos or videos onto Instagram or Facebook. And don’t forget to use the hashtag, #SnowTimesInScugog.

“We can’t wait to see all of your winter spirit this season!” said the director of community services for the Township of Scugog, Lori Bowers.

According to Ms. Bowers, Port Perry has become a popular movie setting. So, the Township created a “winter movie-themed” contest. Visitors or contest participants can take pictures of themselves and their family doing various winter-themed activities. Some examples include skating at the new lakefront market, any arena in Scugog Township or drinking hot chocolate at any establishment. The importance of the contest is to show off you and your family “checking off your winter bucket list.”

By joining #SnowTimesInScugog, you will have a chance to win a stay at the Piano Inn and Cafe in Port Perry, a custom gift basket filled with items from local shops. The gift basket is provided by Durham Tourism.

The rules for the contest include posting on Facebook or Instagram. The photos must showcase you or your family taking part in a winter-themed activity within Scugog Township. And remember to use the hashtag #SnowTimesInScugog.

Images you submit may be used in future tourism content. However, credit will be given to whoever posts them.

“We would like to thank York, Durham & Headwaters, Central Counties Tourism, Durham Tourism, and the Port Perry BIA for helping make this contest possible!” said Ms. Bowers.

When the contest concludes in early March, the draw will be announced on social media. And the respective winner will be contacted. #SnowTimesInScugog was created in collaboration between Scugog Tourism and Durham Tourism.

For more information about the contest please visit

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