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How Can You Celebrate the Environment in 2023?


Canadian Environment Week 2023 started on June 4th and ended on June 10th. However, Canadians are still invited to celebrate the environment within the communities around them.

According to the government of Canada, Canadians throw away more than 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Nine percent of this waste is recycled, while the rest is put into landfills, the environment and waste-to-energy facilities.

June 5th was United Nations World Environment Day, June 7th was Canada’s Clean Air Day, and June 8th was United Nations World Oceans Day.

2023 was the 50th anniversary of Environment Day, and the theme was “Solutions of Plastic Pollution.” So, the Government of Canada compiled a list of ways communities can help reduce plastic pollution.

If you see a company within your community, unnecessarily using a large amount of plastic, speak out and make sure your voice is heard. Examples can include single-use bags for carrying fruit from grocery stores.

Some other ways you can reduce personal plastic consumption include: switching to reusable shopping bags, instead of buying plastic; supporting businesses which prioritize reducing their own plastic footprint; and joining clean-up initiatives within your neighbourhood.

For families, you can also involve your kids and younger individuals in your move to help reduce plastic waste. Climate Kids provides education, through interactive storytelling, games and much more. To learn more about Climate Kids, please visit You can also check out Here, you will find games to help educate you and your child about climate change.

Businesses and companies can help reduce plastic consumption as well. For example, you could lead or organize clean-up initiatives within your business’s community.

As a business owner, you can ensure your employees have the training they need, to ensure your business properly manages and reduces plastic usage.

Companies, communities and the government can reduce plastic pollution in many other ways. To learn more, please visit to find their practical guide.

For more information about what the government of Canada is doing to help reduce pollution, caused by plastic waste, please visit

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