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Homestead caps a successful first year of Honey for Hospice

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Homestead Furniture and Appliances, in Port Perry, has completed a successful year-long fundraiser for the Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham.

In partnership with local resident Brock Reville, Homestead sold jars of honey, at the store, starting in August 2022, for $15 per jar. In about a year’s time, the local business was able to sell 212 jars, raising a total of $3,320, as some people decided to donate more than the $15 price.

Tyler Renaud from Homestead explained to The Standard how this initiative first got started.

“Brock Reville has honey bees on his farm. He’s just a local guy and a huge proponent of the hospice, and he wanted to do something for the hospice. So, he approached me about the idea of fundraising with the honey for the hospice.”

When the idea was brought to him, Mr. Renaud said, he “immediately jumped on board to support him.” “It just seemed like a great fit,” Mr. Renaud added.

With the success of this fundraiser, Mr. Renaud is looking to do another Honey for Hospice fundraiser.

“We ran out of honey, and we have people coming in asking, ‘Where’s the honey?’ They wanted to buy it and try it again,” he said. “So, Brock and I talked about it and said, ‘Let’s just keep doing it.’ It seems to be something people want.” This time around, Mr. Renaud is hopeful to be able to sell about 300 jars of honey.

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