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GREENBANK by Mary Jean Till

What a difference a week makes with warmer temperatures. The rain melted most of the early snow, and we had a weekend of sunshine. Combines were busy harvesting corn, and hopefully will be able to continue, but not with Monday’s rain. It is with sadness that we hear of the passing of Ross Fairman on Sunday, November 24th, after a battle with cancer. Sincere sympathy goes out to his wife Donna, their children Larry and Lori, grandchildren, and all family and friends. The Visitation is at Low & Low on Reach Street, Port Perry on Friday, November 29th, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. On Saturday, from 1 to 4 p.m., November 30th, at Greenbank United Church Lower Hall, a gathering with the sharing of stories will start around 2 p.m. Tom Hunter and granddaughter Carlie welcomed all to service on Sunday, where Avary Conard lit the Christ Candle with Minister Stephanie. Music ministry was young Brynn and Briar Smith singing “This Little Light of Mine”, accompanied by Mom Holly, with her ukulele–delightful! Following this, the children decorated gingerbread cookies with Ken and helpers. Youth and Young at Heart Time was with Stephanie. The Sermon Time was a Sharing from the Guatemala Mission Team in conjunction with Loving Arms Mission Team. The Greenbank/Seagrave church team spent time in April of this year in Guatemala, revisiting a village and visiting a new poverty-stricken village. Brian Jones shared excerpts from his journal of teaching the four to eight year olds English and other activities; his reunion with his sponsored child who was two when they first met and is now eight, was a special time for both; giving teaching ideas to 15 local teachers, along with classroom resources, and individual bags of hygiene products for which they were so thankful. Team leader Juli Conard told her experience of fitting the children with shoes, in the new village they visited. Some shoes had no soles, many were too small, or shared with a sibling. Twelve hockey bags filled with shoes were not enough for the 175 children, and the sadness Juli felt in not having enough shoes, mixed with her emotion of thankfulness for the happiness and wonderment of the little ones when shoes were placed on their feet. Cathy Nix, a twenty-year Science teacher, brought the building of structures to the children using paper cups, blocks, string and lego. Science is not a part of the education in the area visited, but a web picture Cathy received a month ago, was of another structure built there, by the children who are eager to learn. Projected pictures showed other projects, games, and activities in which the team participated in a very busy week of sharing with those less fortunate, in hopes and prayers to make a difference for betterment in their lives. Once again the Mission Team and all who supported this fourth visit are thanked immensely. “Gifts that Transform Lives” which was the Mission Minute with Marita P., unexpectedly tied in with Sunday’s service.

December 1st is Advent I with 11 a.m. service, communion and bursary givings. December 2nd–Ministry and Personal committee meet. If you have any praise or concerns about or support the Ministry and Personal committee within the church, please forward it in writing to the M&P committee. December 3rd–Volunteer team goes to Saint Vincent’s Soup Kitchen, Team contact is 905-852-7057. December 4th–12:30 p.m. Fidelis Unit U.C.W. Potluck luncheon/program. Roll Call – non-perishable food items. December 4th–6:30 p.m. Evening Unit U.C.W. Potluck at the church. Everyone is welcome to one, or both gatherings. December 6th–7 p.m. Sunday School Christmas Concert and Black Light Puppet presentation. December 8th–Advent II is White Gift Sunday. Please bring hats, mitts, scarves, socks, non-perishable Food Items. December 8th–3 p.m. at St. Andrew’s United Church Sunderland “A Christmas Carol Reading”, Tickets $20. A reception of cider, tea, coffee and snacks will follow. Non-perishable food items appreciated. Hosted by North House

Greenbank Public School news; Last week was Bullying Presentation Week, Tuesday, November 26th, the Junior Boys Volleyball Playdowns begin and Healthy Snack Lunch was on November 27th. The Lions hosted an Evening with Santa, Saturday, November 23rd at Centennial Hall, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., the Lions Club’s “Merry Christmas” to youngsters of the Community. Best Wishes to Judy and Jim Gibson on November 20th, their 37th Wedding Anniversary, and to Jim on his November 26th birthday. Happy Birthday also to Avary Conard who is 7 years old on November 28th. Please call 905-985-0535 with your news items.

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