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Grandmother & Granddaughter team up to boost support for Heroes at Heart Appeal

KIM COULTER, Communications Specialist, Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation

KAWARTHA LAKES: When Sophie Frain received Dr. Jeremy Jones’ Heroes at Heart appeal letter in the mail, she was inspired to support the need for COVID-related equipment and technology at the Ross Memorial, and to replace the hospital’s fleet of electrocardiogram(ECG)s. So she teamed up with her grandmother, Janice, and reached out to friends, family and neighbours urging them to ‘donate fast for a grandma-made mask!’ With a donation of $300, Sophie’s mother, Melanie, sent the following letter to the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) Foundation: “My daughter Sophie received your letter from Dr. Jones. Sophie came up with an idea to raise money. She asked her grandma, Janice Frain, to make cloth masks. Together we then created a poster for family and friends asking for their support. Sophie offered to deliver one mask for every $5 donated to this great cause. Her goal was to raise $100. She suggested donating direct to your website and also collected money, with masks delivered. Some of our great community members donated without a mask given, so she could ask more people. Today, I’m very proud to be donating $300. We are even more proud of Ross Memorial Hospital for the outstanding service provided to our community every day. As coincidence would have it, Sophie herself had to visit the Emergency department and under the care of the wonderful, Dr. Dawn Reid, received an ECG test. Thanks very much!” “We are touched by Sophie’s determination to make a difference to patients at the Ross and we’re grateful to everyone who responded to her request,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “Her desire to help her local hospital and her efforts to engage her family as well as friends and neighbours, in her philanthropic endeavour, are why we say, donors are heroes at heart!”

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