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Get Creative at the Kent Farndale Gallery This February


SCUGOG: Get Creative with local artist, Katie Hunter, at the Kent Farndale Gallery, located in the Scugog Memorial Library, in Port Perry.

Ms. Hunter will be showcasing her 'Tiny World of Macro' series, at the Kent Farndale Art Gallery, starting on Saturday, February 4th and running until Thursday, March 2nd.

Ms. Hunter submitted her work to the Kent Farndale, after receiving repeated encouragement from a friend.

She decided to try a new project heading into the New Year – producing the 'Tiny World of Macro'. “I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as my family and I do,” she said. “It’s just me being me, creative and exploring, and I want to keep doing it.”

She has been regularly taking photos for about seven years. And her passion for photography flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, Ms. Hunter uses a Nikon D800 full-frame D-SLR camera for her work. “I’ve always had a camera in my hand since I was a kid,” explained Ms. Hunter.

She loves taking photos of people; whether it be a group of people or a couple. However, she also enjoys nature photography including close-ups of nature.

This type of photography is called macro photography. Macro photography involves taking a picture of something at a very close range. It typically involves small animals or insects.

“I really enjoy the extreme close-up of macro [photography],” added Ms. Hunter.

Her favourite photo, she took, was an extreme close-up of a fly, standing on a white plant. “The fly is so big, you can see every colour of it, the eyes and everything,” she shared.

Ms. Hunter stated it’s important to be creative, and to step out of your comfort zone, when you are practising photography. “Do something big, do something fun,” she encouraged. “Photography is all about creativity.”

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Anna Frost
Anna Frost
25 juil. 2023

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