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Fire and Emergency Services Annual Report

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

SCUGOG: The Fire Protection and Prevention Act says municipalities have a responsibility of ensuring fire protection and proper education about fire safety precautions and prevention are available to the public. On June 22nd, there was a meeting held by the Planning and Community Affairs committee. During said meeting, Scugog Fire Chief Mark Berney presented the Fire and Emergency Services Annual Report for 2019. The 2019 report outlines advancements, improvements and achievements the Scugog Fire Department has gained over the past year. As provided by the township, some highlights include: • Scugog town council updating the Fire Department Establishing and Regulating By-law • New Fire Prevention Officer has enhanced public education and outreach programs in the community • Launched an address-based records management program used with emergency response The Scugog Fire and Emergency Services is made up of volunteer firefighters, along with administrative staff members. According to the notice, Chief Berney praised the members of the Fire Department and administrative staff for their work. “Our fire department is very capable,” said Mr. Berney, “with a strong compliment of full time and volunteer working alongside the community with prevention and education and immediate emergency response to keep Scugog safe.” In 2017, the Scugog town council approved the Scugog Fire Master Plan (MFP) and the Fire Services Modernization Implementation Plan, recognizing four strategies to ensure fire services are available to the community. That year the MFP provided 42 recommendations that support the four strategic priorities. According to a media release from the Township of Scugog, local fire services have completed 26 of the recommendations. Since 2017, new vehicles and equipment, such as breathing apparatuses, have been purchased, costing over $1.3 million. The full 2019 report and presentation can be accessed on the Scugog township website at:

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