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FAYE ASHTON Special to The Standard

Merry Christmas to everyone  from this community. Wishing a safe healthy and happy New Year as we enter 2024.  

Thank you to the dedicated staff at The Standard as they put this paper together each week for our weekly information and enjoyment.

Last week, the  second week of advent was peace with Lennon, and twins Jack and Reid, with help of parents Jeff and  Kaitlyn Tarbotton lighting the peace candle. Perri and Scarlett, Rev.Edith Ann’s granddaughters lit the third Advent candle, Joy and delighted the congregation with two beautiful songs.

All are welcome to the Christmas Eve/Winter solstice service on Thursday evening at 6:30 pm at Epsom United church. Come as a family to enjoy the carols and bible readings that proclaim the birth of Jesus. Come and be part of the Christmas Eve Sunday morning service, 10:30 a.m., at Epsom United Church. A warm welcome to all as we come together to remember the story that never grows old. Coffee and refreshments to follow.

Wishing you all the best in 2024.

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