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FAYE ASHTON The Standard

What a beautiful bright sight as the full moon, the one which is farthest away from the earth shone down on us during Saturday evening, early Sunday morning. The preceding months have been dull and cloudy allowing little sun and moon to share their brightness with us.

This is Leap year giving us that extra day, February 29th to do something special, memorable, or just plain crazy fun but something which will be a memory to last til leap year comes around again.

For the gang thinking about sap and maple syrup production, this coming week could be very busy if the two week weather report is correct.

The funeral for Ted Croxall celebrated on Friday his 100 and first birthday. It was a beautiful tribute from his family for a life well lived in all manner of living life to it’s fullness. Thanks for the memories.

Looking ahead as we travel through Lent and into the Easter Season, it’s time to ask the community to calendar the breakfast in support of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Project on Good Friday morning at Epsom United Church. The world around us is so in need of food and care in any and all ways we can.

Church at Epsom United Church this Sunday, March 3rd, 10:30 a.m. with fellowship to follow.

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