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FAYE ASHTON Special to The Standard

Some how the first half of January 2024 has delivered every type of weather available. The above zero temperatures with both rain, snow and strong winds made extra work for our hydro employees, to repair downed lines. Now these freezing temperatures have left many slippery patches underfoot, challenging us to be extra careful. Take care everyone.

Our sincerest sympathy to Stephanie Wilson Weddels’ family as they laid her to rest, on Saturday, at Uxbridge Baptist Church. Many from this community know Stephanie’s parents Ollie and the late Lloyd Wilson and her siblings. We offer them our thoughts and prayers.

We journeyed to the funeral of Christopher Hill, in Strathroy, this past Monday. It’s hard to realize these two young people’s lives, on earth, are over.

I’m willing to add news from neighbouring communities, Bethesda, Greenbank, Seagrave, Prince Albert, Ashburn and others in this column. We’re all small but a “GEM” in this beautiful region. Share your news by emailing Faye at

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