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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

We welcome this openness to Winter in our area as we enter the first week of December. Our outdoor Christmas decorating has happened without frozen fingers and toes.

Happy birthday and Anniversary wishes to all our December celebrants. Find time in this busy month to enjoy your special day.

A Facebook notice, “Leah Daniels Christmas Special at the Uxbridge Music Hall on December 22,” reservations required. Leah is a superb entertainer, along with her band and guests. Always a fun evening.

Come to worship on the third Sunday of Advent, “Joy,” at Epsom United Church with Rev. Edith Ann, followed by fellowship together. A beautiful Christmas Eve Service will be celebrated on the 24th at 7 p.m. at the Epsom United Church, full of all the familiar Christmas carols and the true Christmas story.

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