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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

On Saturday, May 9th, we woke up to a -7 degree temperature and snow. Monday, May 11th, the ground was well covered in snow again. It’s hard not to worry when you’re a farmer and see the hay crop struggling to grow, and snow totally covering the rhubarb, the beautiful daffodils, and other flowers. I’m reminded this is nothing in comparison to the Covid 19 pandemic, and what those who have been ill and lost a love one because of it have suffered. Covid-19 couldn’t keep families from celebrating Mother’s day whether by phone, or flowers delivered to a door step. Mom’s are loved for always being there. The Bethesda-Reach Women’s Institute joins the branches across Ontario in the “Ticked Off” program. Through donations from the branches, the Federated Women’s Institute of Ontario is able to join in supporting a research project at the University of Guelph focused on Ticks. As the weather warms up and we start to garden, or take walks, please be careful and watch for ticks on both ourselves and any pets. I was proud to see Kate Bierness acknowledged for a conference entitled “Her Mark: Empowering the Next Generation”. This gathering for young girls and women featured Tessa Virtue, Haley Wickenhouser and others who have become roll models for young women. Kate went to school here in Epsom for several years when her Mother was a teacher in Epsom. Congratulations Kate on your accomplishments. A big “Thank You” to Joann for picking up the trash through the swamp area to the east end of the road that those who use our road find it necessary to cast out. You’ve heard me rant about this before, but a couple of days later on my walk guess what I found, more trash thrown out. Congratulations to our Minister Alex Jebson who has finished his studies at Emanuel College, and will be looking forward to the next instalment of his calling. You can find Alex’s message each Sunday on the Epsom-Utica Facebook page, or go to the church’s youtube channel: Epsom-Utica United Church, and find the most recent service date. Everyone stay home as much as possible. Stay safe and Stay well. Please forward any news items to

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