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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

That was quite the Summer we just experienced last week. The earth’s plants jumped for joy. Love it or detest it, we saw a quick turnaround from a cool early May. The construction of a better road through the village is well on its way. North from Epsom will be a much smoother drive for everyone to travel, when this is finally completed. Our sincerest sympathy in the passing of Vera Brown on Saturday, May 30th, to daughter Dorthy, son Charlie and families. Vera lived most of her life in Utica and just recently retired to Port Perry and then to West Shore Village. Many might have known Vera because of her daily walks from Utica to Epsom. She was a regular church supporter, an active hall board person and a helping hand in many community events. Vera will be missed by all. Birthday Wishes to Donna Eckhardt’s Father who celebrated his 90th on Facebook because of Covid19. Best wishes to Willowtree Farm’s announcement. They have recently taken over ownership of Pingles Market, Hampton. Parents Rod and Marlene McKay would be so proud of their sons’ and wives’ achievements. Kendall and Hillman Cemeteries at Utica has cancelled the annual Decoration Day, that would have taken place on June 14th, cancelled because of COVID19. People are still permitted to decorate the cemeteries, especially on that day while practicing Province of Ontario guidelines on physical distancing and public gatherings. Donations would be greatly appreciated in order to help fund the regular maintenance of the cemeteries. Donations can be made by mail, electronically through or be dropped off at Green Tractors attention Pat Kerry. People can contact Pat by phone at 905-985-3661 or via email at, if you would like addition information. If your child or yourself are graduating from public school, high school, college or university I would like to send congratulations from this community through our news. Please pass names and info on to me. This past Sunday was Pentecost. You can find Alex’s Message on the Epsom-Utica United Church Facebook page. Please send news to or phone 905-852-5389.

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