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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Recently all members of the Bethesda-Reach Women’s Institute (WI) and their guests held a summer luncheon, served at the Kuenen farm on Hwy 47 in aid to Ukrainian families who are settling in the Durham region. Lunch was followed by a presentation by Walter Kish, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Durham Region Branch. Mr. Vish gave a most interesting overview of the history of Ukraine leading up to the current war. He noted the refugees from this war are very different from those of the past or of other countries. Ideas of how we as Canadians could best support the Ukrainian people whether here or abroad were shared.

The Bethesda-Reach WI and their friends were pleased to facilitate the refugee relief work with a donation.

The Bethesda-Reach WI soon will be announcing the details of a Fall Dessert Party and Fashion Show featuring Brock’s of Port Perry. All profits from this evening will support their two educational awards plus donations to various community supports in Uxbridge and Port Perry.

Wasn’t that a weekend? The farmers were busy hauling second-cut haulage or bales to store before the predicted rain showers.

The community sends their deepest sympathy to the McDonald family as they laid to rest their Mother and Aunt at Hillman Cemetery on Saturday.

On Friday afternoon the Epsom girls surprised me with a visit to the farm, ‘The Shed’, to help celebrate me being one year older. It was such a beautiful afternoon to be together with all my young friends. The Ashton/Asling families gather at ‘The Shed’ on Sunday for a long-awaited potluck lunch together. Amid the sultry sun and downpour of rain, many memories were created helping Keith and I celebrate our monumental birthday.

Noon milking had to be done first and keep watch on a dairy cow calving which eventually needed a Veterinary and then two Veterinary to execute a C-section and deliver dead twin calves. All farmers know the best-laid plans never go as planned as Rob and Hayley spent most of their time in the barn while the rest of us partied. Thank you to everyone for all the acts of kindness in helping us to enjoy this weekend.

This past Sunday we were honoured to have a Toronto friend, originally from Guyana, of Edith Ann, sing a beautiful solo entitled “Mother”. The next church service at Epsom United Church will be on August 28th as August is vacation time.

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