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EPSOM & UTICA by Faye Ashton

Wishing all teachers and students, who returned to the halls of learning last week, more normalcy as a routine sets in. May this year teach us all that “we can do it”. We send our sympathy to Fiona and Rob McClure and family, on the recent passing of Fiona’s mother. We also send sympathy to former long time Epsom residents Dan and Jan Lehman and Family on the recent passing of Dan’s Sister. We send our prayers and love to each of you. A very lovely lady in the village celebrated her 96th birthday last Thursday. Doris, we all wish you many beautiful days ahead and each of us are looking forward to visiting you for your 97th too. To all, and there are many, who are celebrating birthdays this month, may your special day lead into a very special year. One person said if it starts to rain it probably won’t quit. So after receiving only 15 mm for each month of June and July we totalled 135 mm for the month of August. Unfortunately some of the crops and lawns were too drowned to come back to life. We extend thanks to Seagrave-Greenbank and minister Stephanie for sharing their Sunday service with Epsom-Utica. Please remember to wear your mask and social distancing with friends. Only drawback is sometimes we don’t recognize our neighbour. Please send news items to

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